Chenni’s works are mostly inspired by her own philosophy of life, how she gets along with the world and the way of healing herself.  In Chenni’s current project ‘Framing’, she makes a display of skies she collected into the jewellery work. In the process of ‘framing’ the sky, she also ‘frames’ the mood at that moment of observing the sky. She captures the moments which is easily ignored but important to her. Emotion sometimes is complicated and indescribable. Just like to appreciate some artworks, different people have different thoughts and feelings. She doesn’t think the audience can completely read the mood behind each work, but she hopes her work can remind the audience of their own experience, or even just inspire them to pay more attention to their emotion in some ways. In the MA Show 2018 of Manchester School of Art, Chenni exhibited 33 pieces of ‘emotion slides’, inviting audiences to observe them through a ‘microscope’ and to record their thoughts, feelings or anything related on the book. She is willing to see different stories could be reminded of through the same work. And it’s pleasant to communicate with audiences in this way. 


She likes to try new technologies and materials in the work. Also, the beauty of random coming from the experiment or alternative making process is an important part of her work.  A lot of beauty in our life emerges from the accident.  She positions her work as ‘craft’. However, she believes the definition of ‘craft’ is not only regarding the pure ‘handmade’ or the uncertainty in the making process, but the challenge of a new technique, the patience of constant improvement, or even the appreciation of using an unusual material. All of these let every piece of work shows different aesthetic and consideration of their authors. She thinks the continual adjusting and polishing in 3D modelling in software is also an attitude of ‘craft’. 


2017-2019  MFA Jewellery Design, Manchester School of Art, Manchester, UK

2013-2017  BA Accessory Design, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, China



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