Untitled mood, 2019


resin, silver, stainless steel



Chenni uses the frame as a symbol to focus and freeze the scenery on her way, to present an ordinary moment with extraordinary meaning. As Eugene Delacroix said:


“Nature is a dictionary; one draws words from it”. 


There is everything we need in nature to create work, but everyone has a different idea to “write a book”. All the colour in her works come from the sky, a clear baby blue sky, a sunset at the train station, a sad cloud… They all represent her mood at those specific moments and became ‘her colours’. We all have different emotional connections to the sky or nature. She would like to see how her works remind audiences of different memories and feelings which is another type of communication between them.

 © 2018 by Sheng Chenni    

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Untitled mood

brooch: resin, silver, stainless steel